15 Engagement Rings Under $1000

15 Engagement Rings Under $1000

Getting engaged is a big deal!

After all, it’s not every day that you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone. But even so, there’s no need to break the bank for the engagement ring. Here you will find fine, high quality rings for under $1,000 (which means more money for the honeymoon!).

Scroll down to see all 15 fresh custom made engagement rings.


Flower Ring, Rustic rings, Rose gold Engagement Ring

Rustic Flower with a Natural rose cut diamond stone. $290


Art deco style for vintage loving Brides.

Art deco style for vintage loving brides. Center stone is Intense Yellow Diamond. Not treated not color enhanced. Pure and Natural just like your LOVE. $295


White gold Engagement Ring. Affordable engagement ring.

You are Under My Skin. A physical love letter with a center pink sapphire.

This ring is like saying I LOVE YOU every second. $525

Pear shape diamond ring.

Pear shape Diamond ring. Rustic and Classic. $490

pattern eternity bands, custom made wedding ring

Feminine wedding eternity band with Natural Pink Sapphires. $595

Diamond rings under $1000.

White Sapphire and Diamond Engagement ring with leaf pattern. $995 

Rose gold rings, Rustic diamond ring, Compass ring, custom made

Your love is my Compass!  $790

Vintage pattern wedding band

Vintage pattern wedding ring. $475

Bold engagement ring, green diamond ring

Green diamond bold Engagement ring with brushed finish. $575 Sold Out.

equal sign ring


We are all equal in this world! $485.

Multi-stone ring, OOAK ring, Cluster Asymmetric ring

Geometric Cluster Ring. $795 

Bohemian wedding band

Bohemian wedding band with flowers and black diamonds. $360

Garnet ring

Bloody Garnet ring in the Angel wings 14k white gold. $375


Heart sapphire 18k white gold diamond ring. $725

Morganite ring


Morganite diamond ring. $725


Choose your favorite one or custom request your OOAK ring.