Why Brides Choose One of a kind Custom Made Unique Rings?

Why Brides Choose One of a kind Custom Made Unique Rings?

Today each and every bride wants to own a custom ring that will include her favorite colors and will represent her style. Which is exactly how it is supposed to be. This trend of shifting from the solitaire and that regular diamond halo to unique one of a kind rings was absolutely predictable. 

Breaking the old rules of how everything should be on its place and symmetric, I am so happy to start my mind-blowing new collection. I am in LOVE with these OOAK rings. 

Peach Pink Sapphire Cluster Ring


My most favorite collection that I have ever created so far. Asymmetric truly unique one of a kind colorful Sapphire Diamond and other natural gemstones cluster rings. The reason why I did this collection is because today most brides are so tired of that simple boring solitaire ring or the diamond halo ring that you see almost everywhere.
There is no personality. Everybody wears the same style rings. It is like if we all would be wearing almost the same cloth and the same shoes. Can you imagine how boring all that would be? 

For the last 20-30 years engagement rings became so identical and so predictable. Anywhere you look all engagement rings look almost the same.

Each time when I see a bride with that regular diamond halo I think "What if 10 brides put their rings in 1 pile? Can they tell which one belongs to whom?" 
The halo rings look like a duplicate of the same ring. Truly saying I don't understand a bride that gives $5000 or more for something that her neighbor has and her friend and the friend of her friend... I hope this makes sense.

Gray Diamond Alexandrite Cluster Engagement Ring

The Evolution is the main reason why we come into this world, why we have kids and pass our knowledge to them. And now is a time for a real change in how The Engagement Ring should look like. My Asymmetric Collection is here for you so you can propose with something unique, something that will actually describe your future bride and her personality, something that will tell the story of your Love. 

Why should you decide whether you want a black diamond or gray diamond or pink sapphire engagement ring? You can have it all in one ring.

Black Diamond Pink Sapphire Rose Gold Cluster Engagement Ring

Refined exquisite attractive... This is how my new collection can be described. 

Are you about to propose? - Contact me for a custom made breathtaking ring.

Are you already married? - It is time for an upgrade. Contact me and let's create the ring that you always wanted to have but never did.