Sunrise Proposal in Hawaii. Michael and Erin.

Sunrise Proposal in Hawaii. Michael and Erin.

It's been quite some time I have not done any new blog. I was busy with my new OOAK cluster rings collection that just came out.

Recently one of my customers sent me the pictures and the romantic story of how he proposed to his now fiancee. Let's dive into their sunrise tender amazing story which happened recently in Hawaii.

Romantic Proposal in Hawaii, Custom Engagement Ring by IrinaAt 4:00 am, July 1, 2018, Michael slipped out of bed, and out the door for his secret plan. With the help from Chelsey and Royce, he set up a perfect sunrise setting. At Kualoa Beach park, they hung pictures of Erin and Michael over the years on a tree branch and lights were strung on another. Michael spread pink rose petals all over the ground beneath the branches. Behind this tree was the iconic Chinaman's Hat Island and a soon to be beautiful sunrise. Then, Chelsey and Royce hid in the distance to sneak some photos while Michael ran home to get his soon to be fiancee. 


"huh?" said Erin in a slumbered state.

"HURRY, GET UP, THERE'S BABY TURTLES!" repeated Michael.

"Oh, what?!" said Erin as she fumbled out of bed, threw on a sweatshirt and ran out the door, proceeding to tell her neighbor about the "turtles" and making him jealous on his way to work. 

They drove off to the beach park and parked at the gate. They walked through the park, "further, over here, this way" Michael said leading Erin through the darkness. Finally, getting closer to the Ocean, they reached the decorated tree. Erin looked around, surprised and then everything clicked. Michael took Erin's hands and made her sweet promises and told her how much he loved her. Then, he got down on one knee (shown in the photo below), and asked, "Will you Marry me?" To which Erin replied, "about time." JUST KIDDING. Of course, she said "YES!" and all the mushy gushy love story and posed photos continued. And that was the beginning of their next adventure.

Braided Halo Ring by Irina how to propose  Ring by IrinaBeach proposal. Michael and Erin.