Half-Moon Crescent Engagement Rings Set, 2 Carat Green Sapphire Cluster Ring, Parti Sapphire Ring, Peacock Oval Sapphire Ring, Ombre Ring

One of a Kind Cluster Engagement Ring and flush sitting Wedding Band for the bride who wants to have the most unique and non traditional rings.
A little wildness and untamed dreams bring this ring set to a unique boho level. So elegant yet so wild. Make this ring yours to get the feeling of Freedom by breaking the old rules.
My Asymmetric Collection is here for you so you can propose with something unique, something that will actually describe your future bride and her personality, something that will tell the story of your Love.
This blue green sapphire diamond cluster ring is for a woman who loves to be the owner of a True Art.
Ombre colors of green with a mix of gray blue, teal blue champagne and red make this rings to stand out from a huge crowd. Be the owner of a True Beauty custom made for you!
This set reminds me of the Gulf of Mexico and tropical storms/hurricanes, which I truly love.
This Breathtaking One-of-a-kind ring Features an approximately 2 carat Greenish center Sapphire.
Flanked by 8 Blue-Green Sapphires, 1 Pear Shape Indicolite Tourmaline, 1 Sea Foam Tourmaline, 1 Burma Ruby, 1 Teal Blue Diamond, 1 Champagne Diamond.
The matching band featured matching stones in similar order 1 Champagne diamond, 1 Burmese Ruby, 9 blue green sapphires, 1 Sea Foam Tourmaline, 1 Teal Blue Diamond.
All stones are 100% Natural just like in all my rings. Sapphires and rubies are heated, teal blue diamonds are color enhanced.

The rings in the pictures are sold. Yours will be custom made for you once you purchase this listing.

The pictures are shown in 14k Rose Gold.
This rings set can be custom made in any other gold. Please choose the gold color at checkout.
If you would like a bigger or smaller sapphire center stone please contact me for the quote.
I also have a wonderful collection of Unheated Montana Sapphires. Please contact me if you are interested in Montana Sapphires.
Choosing OOAK (one-of-a-kind) ring makes you the owner of something that nobody else has.

Ethical Sourcing:
This ring has a natural, ethically-sourced stones and recycled gold.

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